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I love you Spider-Man office


vulturine guineafowl
(photo by rex features)


vulturine guineafowl

(photo by rex features)


Kinesin is a protein that moves things around the cell. That filament is a protein strand that gives the cell structure. That vesicle is a big blob full of cellular product that the cell wants to transport somewhere else. It is driven by ATP hydrolysis. (Source) (Video)



New Book Discusses “The Secret History of Wonder Woman”

Was Margaret Sanger, the leader of the birth control movement and founder of Planned Parenthood, the basis for Wonder Woman? Harvard historian Jill Lepore makes a case in her new book out late next month. You can read some excepts from the book here and here and in the above video hear Lepore tell the story of how she pieced together the untold story.

You can pre-order a copy of the book through my Amazon store.




How to spot a fake geek guy:

  • says robin is useless
  • says aquaman is useless
  • worships batman bc batman is invincible
  • doesn’t “understand” superman because he’s not relatable or interesting
  • makes “hero vs hero” posts
  • probably smells like axe
  • doesn’t see anything wrong with The Big Bang Theory
  • "What do you mean there’s more than one Robin?"
  • thinks Jubilee is annoying
  • "What do you mean there’s more than one Green Lantern?"
  • thinks Batgirl and Catwoman should fight over Batman
  • "What do you mean there’s more than one Flash?"
  • wears Superman shield all the time, doesn’t like Superman
  • "What do you mean there’s more than one Batgirl?"
  • thinks the Joker is the best, most interesting villain ever
  • "What do you mean there’s more than one Batman?"
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DC MEME -  [2/?] favorite female characters (in no particular order)

Carol Ferris / Star Sapphire 

"I’m not going to lie, I sort of miss sitting down while traveling. Floating gets a little old." - Carol Ferris in Green Lantern: New Guardians #027 







From A Series of Unfortunate Events DVD commentary track.

if you haven’t watched this film with the commentary then you are missing out, it’s hilarious. “Lemony Snicket” was completely unhappy with the film and wanted no real part of it and so in the commentary he just fucks about. Seriously, at one point he gets out an accordion and drowns out the director with his playing

"nearly all of my life"

Lemony Snicket sass is what I aspire to in life.

"Lemony Snicket" (Dan Handler) was asked if he liked the movie.

He said “I love the movie as much as someone who wrote 8 drafts of a movie before being fired from his own creation could possibly be.”

The man’s life is sarcasm and it’s beautiful.

My favourite part is when he starts talking about going out and buying a basket of kittens instead of watching the movie.

“My third grade teacher called my mother and said, ‘Ms. Cox, your son is going to end up in New Orleans in a dress if we don’t get him into therapy.’ And wouldn’t you know, just last week I spoke at Tulane University, and I wore a LOVELY green and black dress.”

Laverne Cox, speaking at the University of Kentucky  (via krispymeme)

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Star Wars - NFL - Logo Mashups

Created by Steven Klock




During World War II, Josephine Baker served with the French Red Cross and was an active member of the French resistance movement. Using her career as a cover Baker became an intelligence agent, carrying secret messages written in invisible ink on her sheet music. She was awarded the Croix de Guerre, and received a Medal of the Resistance in 1946. In 1961 she received the highest French honor, the Legion d’Honneur awarded by then President Charles de Gaulle.

Our loss, U.S.A….

If you don’t admire the shit out of J. Baker, who was also pretty openly bisexual and adopted NINETEEN children in addition to the badassery mentioned above, I want you to go sit in the corner and think about your life choices.

um she was also a huge civil rights activist and her refusal to perform for segregated audiences at major clubs that were fallin over themselves to book her helped de-segregate vegas performance venues

aaaand she had a pet cheetah



Bob and the deli guy.

"im mostly straight"